Who do you miss?

When you look up,

What do you see?

When you look down,

What do you see?

When you look front,

What do you see?

When you look back,

Who do you miss?


I did it!I did it!

I already finished answering 2 papers! My major papers!Introduction to English Literature and Writing Skills. The average marks that I could give to myself is less than B! The questions were not really hard but I didn’t read much. I didn’t have study week to revise anything. It was hectic!

I am crossing my fingers now=p

I don’t care about my marks!

I don’t want to bother about my carry marks. I don’t want to target what I’ll get for my second semester. After all, I have been struggling hard in my second semester with unbalance life, move in and out, stay in and out, get in and out. Now, it is already at the end of the semester and my final exam is just around the corner. I could do anything anymore because it’s already reaching the end. I could not do nothing else rather than to cross my finger hoping I can do well in my final exam because that will be my last chance. This is the only way I could get through this semester. I am still wishing to be in the Dean List but if I am fated not to get it, I have to say ‘Dear Hana, you know you have did a lot and nothing else could help you out. Try harder next time.’
So Hana, don’t ever give up before time!

We are enthusiast debaters!

I just want to say congratulations to all debaters who have been participating in 2011 UPSI NC CUP !!!!

The motions are :

1- THBT politicians have no right to privacy.
2- THW abolish ISA
3- THW make voting compulsory

1- THBT novels containing sensitive issue should be withdrawn
2- THW bring in sex education into the curriculum
3- THW make pre-school education compulsory

1- THW help victims of major disasters regardless of consent from the country affected
2- THBT government should only sub-contract to environmentally friendly companies
3- THBT Zoos should be banned

1- THBT we should go for nuclear
2- THBT any country in a seismic active region or faces frequent natural disaster should be prohibited from using nuclear energy
3- THW impose ban on nuclear weapon testing

1- THBT HIV positive workers have to tell their employers of their status
2- THW legalize euthanasia
3- THW allow the creation of a baby to save the life of another

sleepy head, get over it please =P

Oh my Gucci and Prada! Why am I so sleepy? Why did I go to sleep early? Why I wasn’t able to finish up my work before I go to bed? I don’t want to be lazy! I don’t want to be naughty! I don’t want to sleep in my class! I don’t want to be rude! Can I ask my body to have more energy so that I don’t have to sleep that much that I had now? Oh my body, antibody, please do help me ='(

* I haven’t recovered from my bad cough yet…but I don’t want to take medicine please ='(


I love it today that 2 classes have been cancelled due to the meeting of the language and communication faculty=)
I suppose to have a very hectic schedule today but it seems like my wishes to be free today is fully fulfilled!
Well, well, well=)

Ok…I actually got nothing to write, I just wanna express my happiness =p
I still got another class at 4pm and co-curriculum activity tonight from 8-10pm!
And guess what? a block meeting also will be held tonight! It seems like I have to skip something ;p


omg! we were given the house key, but we were not given the door pass to enter the block! so silly la…thanks GOD that they open it for us…if…in case someone close the gate, i’ll go really mad!!!really mad i told ya! don’t play with me! it’s like u’re giving trouble to people, not to make our life easier dude…aish…i dun want to talk more since i got a lot more think to catch up with..i’ll leave this thing as it is so stupid n not worth to think!
-silly me writing this down on my blog-

we are educators, not teachers!

OK..now..how do i start?

It was 5.05pm on one Wednesday evening on August. I stepped into the class. The lecturer is sitting in front. While all my colleagues are at the back arranging chairs..My glasses are quite smoggy(at first i thought it was the room)…my friend and i slowly took our seat at the very last row. we sat quietly. I was a bit nervous because it was our first class with her.

When all people in the class already taken their seat back, i heard the very first sentence from her mouth.

“I saw two late comers. Those two,please get out and knock on my door, come in and apologize”
“OMG, she’s serious!”

Almost sweating, i hold myself cool and walk out the door and try to do what she has instructed. Inside, coldness surrounds me..

“Sorry miss,i’m late” my friend was a little shouting that moment.-i like her,just like in the wild child-
“What do you think this is shouting competition?”-i can see she’s a little bit angry-

We are both in front of the class already.

“Sorry i’m late cuz the bus took off late”…my friend,she knows how to defend herself..plus, she’s also a little bit angry..i can see it through her face.
“me too” i added in such a silly way-i should’ve not cuz i look stupid at that moment-
“how can you only say me too?she doesn’t speak for you”-I TOLD YA, I SHOULD’VE NOT ADD ON JUZ NOW!
“ermmm…class,i’m sorry for being late”-guilty-
“for what reason are you late”-she still insist to know-
“i….i…fell asleep…”-frankly speaking n i was actually still feeling sleepy-
“is that a good reason?”-she is so STRICT-
“i’m sorry,it will never happen again”-please..i don’t want to be in front of the class being asking like this..people already stare at me like i’ve did a crime…huuuuu;'(
“go back in and please move to the front because i don’t like people sitting at the back.it shows that you have no interest to learn in my class.-cool!escaped!-

OK, here you go..that would be a memory for me and my friend and of course for the whole class because after all, they only remember this on our first linguistic class. Why do i re-tell the story? because i learnt something and i wanna share it with you guys.

lesson 1 – don’t come late to the class. your lecturer might not like it. Plus, you are disturbing the class!
lesson 2 – there’s no wrong to apologize. if you have made mistake, sincerely apologize…that way, people will not angry with you. they might, but it will only stay for a moment.
lesson 3 – don’t go beyond one temper. ermm..this one refer to my feeling towards my friend regarding this tragedy. hello dear friends, today might be my unlucky day…but i learnt a lesson out of it. what about you guys???stop making that annoying face or i will turn out very irritating to you guys-it’s my warning, if you ever read this-
lesson 4 – teslians are vocal people..she said that(my lecturer).i admitted it.it has been a long time since i didn’t voice out.so ladies and gentleman, the outspoken fana will be coming soon…huhu-sounds confident-
lesson 5- don’t be judgemental, be critical. i cannot tell how many rumors i’ve heard here and there…i don’t know how these beautiful rumors spread..like wiki, i don’t accept rumors=p
to my dear friends, don’t listen to rumors cause it has never been good…

p/s : grammar mistakes, not well arranged story, all d mistakes here n there…I’m sorry for that…i learn…and i will keep on learning=)

thank you for those who read this=)